you don’t need another content calendar 

you need a guide

one Trick Pony

You’re wearing all the hats when it comes to your business. Ditch all the confusing strategies and get a straight forward, practical guide that you or your virtual assistant can easily follow and implement.


Branding Guide

Create a brand that clearly represents your goals and core values.

Content Creation

Learn how to create content and write captions that converts followers into customers.


Visually Align Your Brand

Templates for Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Youtube

Don’t take my word for it, read what others are saying…

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Ready to ditch the questions and have a clear marketing plan?

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The Consistent Content System created by Anna McDonald, owner of Stella’s Desk will give you the tools and systems you need to create quality content with ease!

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Get both the Marketing Made Easy Guide and the Consistent Content System for under $100!

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